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Specialty Services Provided

Drains fly treatment and control 

Drain flies are small flies which have different names such as sewer flies, moth flies, etc. These are the flies that love dampness and live near the kitchen sinks, bathrooms, drain pipes, sewage pipes, compost and septic tanks as well as indoors. It is necessary to get rid of these insects in order to avoid the drain fly infestation and harm caused by sewer flies. These pests love the organic debris found in sewers, septic tanks, drains, wet brooms and mops, even the soil close to a leaking or ruptured plumbing line.

Eudaimonia pest control specialists with high standards in restaurant, catering business, or other food service operations have developed a management method with unique products and services designed to successfully manage drain fly infestations in commercial facilities, fully compliant with all food safety programs.

Bioremediation and Drain Treatment

Bioremediation is a management technique to remove or neutralize pollutants of a contaminated site. According to EPA, bioremediation is a treatment that uses naturally occurring organisms to break down hazardous substances into less toxic or non toxic substances. Bioremediation products contain bacteria that are infused into drains, drain lines, grease traps and hard-to-clean areas. The living bacteria attach to the surface where they break down organic material that sticks to pipe and tank walls. The bacteria then digest the organic debris, changing it to carbon dioxide and water. Without the living bacteria, the enzymes would simply release the grease into the effluent system. Bacteria continue to reproduce, compounding the benefits of your bioremediation program. The process helps to keep your drains clear and save your business from common problems that can develop from badly maintained drains. Eco-friendly formula is specifically tailored to the food service industry.

Bioremediation Service Program

Bioremediation is an excellent compliment to your existing pest control service. It combines the most effective products with expert service, including:

• Inspection of floors, walls and drains
• Identification of non-drain sites for treatment (walls, grout, behind equipment)
• Treatment of infested drains, problem sites
• Preventive drain line maintenance
• Staff training and education

Bioremediation and drain treatment are a key component to your sanitation program. Food & beverage service managers need to have an active program that manages the sustained threat that accompanies decaying organic matter found in drains and grease traps. Lack of attention to these areas promotes fly infestations that leads to low regulatory scoring, fines, and unhappy clients.

Integrating Eudaimonia Pest Management with your Drain Line Services will provide a proactive program based on the needs of your business.

Fly Control in Commercial kitchens

295145096Flies are a major problem. Many commercial food handling businesses, find themselves fighting fly problems. Any facility that deals with the manufacturing, packaging, storing or serving food products are likely to have continuous fly problems. Unless a pre-planned pest management program is implemented the problems are bound to get worse over time. To combat flies, we have developed an effective targeted strategy for your facility's specific concerns, including clean out services, maintain plan and educating your staff on measures to help deter future fly issues.

Fly Light Service also available

Your fly control program may include fly light trapping service. Our slim profile insect lights use ultraviolet bulbs to attract flies. Once inside the light fixture, flies stick to a non-toxic glue board and are unable to escape. Flies trapped inside are not visible from the outside of the fly light. The glue board traps are replaced on a regular basis by our technicians.

There are a variety of fly light styles available to suit your needs. Fly lights can range from industrial-looking fixtures with shatter-proof bulbs, to more attractive lights designed to blend in with the interior decor. These lights are great for fly control in restaurants, hotels, dining rooms, and other public areas where fly management should be discrete.

EUDAIMONIA Pest Control will physically remove any infestations and take measures to eliminate fly larvae and fly breeding grounds by using biological and chemical treatments. Flies removal involves treating premises and major breeding sites of flies.

Common flies in Food Facilities:

Stored Product or pantry pest control

Facilities that process or store food, are at risk of infestation by stored product insects. These pests can rapidly move throughout a facility to attack dried, stored foods and destroying the products. In addition, some stored product insects create cocoons and webbing that can clog machinery and lead to costly downtime. To combat stored product insects, we have developed an effective targeted strategy for your facility's specific concerns, including clean out, maintain plan and educating your staff on measures to help deter future stored product insect issues. 
Our service specialist focuses its thorough inspection in food storage areas. Then, we will physically remove any infestations, apply residual products and insect growth regulators to provide lasting protection, and install special pheromone monitors to alert us to the potential for a new activity and prevent issues from recurring, building an impervious defense against stored product insects at your facility.

Common Pests In Stored Products: 


Rust-red Flour or Flour Beetle

Cigarette Beetle

Drugstore Beetle

Flat Grain Beetle

Fur Beetle or Carpet Beetle

Golden Spider Beetle 

Lesser Grain Beetle

Larder Beetle

Lesser Mealworm or Litter Beetle

Merchant Grain Beetle

Rove Beetle

Saw Toothed Grain Beetle

Shiny Spider Beetle 

Warehouse or Cabinet Beetle


Bean Weevil

Coffee Bean Weevil

Granary Weevil

Maize Weevil

Rice Weevil 


Almond Moth

Indian Meal Moth

Mediterranean Flour Moth

Tobacco Moth


Cheese Mites

Flour Mite or Grain Mite

Furniture Mite

Booklice or Psocids

Special deep Harborage Treatments

The paradise we know as the commercial kitchen environment has all the makings of the good life for Cockroaches and other pests, food, moisture, heat and harborage. It’s a place where, if left unchecked, cockroaches could theoretically eat, drink and proliferate without end in their stainless-steel shelter. The commercial kitchen can become home to not only German, American, Brown-banded and Oriental cockroaches but also to a variety of insects species. We provide the best pest control method for deep harborage areas, for cockroaches clean out treatments in their stainless-steel shelter.

Common cockroaches in Food Facilities

Rodent pest control in Food Facilities 

In Eudaimonia Pest Control we have the solutions you need to control any rodent situation you are experiencing. We provide Rodent Control in any structure. There is no single "best" way to control rats and mice. Every situation is different. We use a wide variety of rodent control methods including trapping, baiting, exclusion, habitat modification and all IPM methods. Our approach to every job is custom-tailored to the property and the condition.

Common rodents in Food Facilities



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