termiteTermites are the major wood-destroying structural pests in the United States. According to estimates, over $2 billion is spent annually controlling or preventing termite infestations. They do not distinguish between the wood in homes and the wood in the forest for their nutritional needs. Termites are highly skilled at finding ways into establishments through the smallest opening, regardless of a foundation type or surrounding ground cover. It is important to understand how termites work and how they can be controlled.
Our trained pest control professionals are going to make a thorough inspection of your property. After we complete a comprehensive termite inspection we can then recommend which termite services and treatment methods will be required to protect your residential or commercial establishment. Our trained specialists can help eliminating termite problems. We use termite treatments and prevent recurring termite infestations with a wood pretreatment care plan. We also use non-invasive applications to eliminate termites that are natural and safe for pets. Technicians place bait stations around your structure where termites collect the bait and take it back to their colony, hitting their colony. These stations also attract outside termites, meaning that with periodic monitoring we prevent future infestations as well. 

Termite Construction Pre-treatments

Termite Pretreatments are necessary in areas where termites damage structures. For this reason, most building codes and lending institutions almost always require termite pretreatments for new buildings.

Eudaimonia Pest Control offers three stages of termite pretreatments:

  1. Preconstruction horizontal soil treatment which is followed by a post construction perimeter treatment.
  2. Wood treatment which is applied at every wooden surface or structural elements in the stage of construction.
  3. Termite baiting stations, a termite pretreatment system installed in the ground around the perimeter of the structure.

Following these pretreatments termite stages by Eudaimonia Pest Control you can be sure that we provide a safe and reliable measure to keep termites away from your property.

If you want to learn more about termite protection for your building, then contact us today for estimation.


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