Excellent Pest Control Residential Solutions

EUDAIMONIA pest control residential services focus on a total solution and are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our integrated pest management program offers a safe and effective pest prevention treatment plan for your property. It effectively reduces pest issues by focusing on the entire problem, includes inspection to identify pest sources and assessment to determine the cause of the infestation and the best way to manage it. We use both chemical and non-chemical solutions to manage the infestation and provide monitoring ensure long term reductions. 

Our integrated pest management program is the best choice when choosing an environmentally friendly solution that goes beyond short term fixes and instead provides long term solutions. Rest assured that we are bonded, insured and licensed and meet or exceed all of the New York state government requirements and regulations.
In today’s market different people have different needs and tolerance levels. Depending on your needs and tolerance of pests we can provide a program that meets your satisfaction.

Common pests in residential properties

Cockroach control

Rodent control

Bed Bug Control

Termites Control

Fly Control 

Mosquito Control 

Ant Control 

Bee/Wasp Control

Stored Products Control

EUDAIMONIA Pest Control offers residential customers protection against a wide variety of pests. All of our services offer the best price for the best value.

Weekly/Semi-monthly/Monthly Pest Control Service

Rated services are available for residential customers who wish to keep their pest control service on a regular schedule. Complete pest treatments are offered weekly or monthly for multi-unit apartment buildings.

Quarterly Pest Control Service

Quarterly service is scheduled every three months and includes complete pest control treatments.

Annual Pest Control

This service is provided to residential customers once each year. Annual pest control treatments are guaranteed. Pest control preparation for spring/summer season.
How EUDAIMONIA pest control does it:
• Only Environmental Protection Agency approved materials are used
• The advanced technological solutions are safe for families and pets
• Technicians are state certified and the company is licensed and insured with documents provided upon request
• Technicians are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, on-time
• Schedules are designed to accommodate individual customer's needs
• Environmentally friendly
• Outstanding service reputation

Pest Control Tips for residential properties

We are happy to provide some basic pest control tips for every area of your home. Certain pest control problems are best handled by a professional. These techniques can help you keep the pests away longer:


• Store food and drinks in sealed container
• Clean up spills immediately and clean daily
• Check and fix leaks under/around the sink
• Do not put trash can under sink


• Re-caulk cracks to prevent leaks
• Check and fix leaks under/around the sink
• Do not leave any standing water
• Do not put trash can under sink


• Change sheets regularly
• Vacuum often, especially around baseboards
• Do not leave food and/or drink lying around


• Make sure garage doors are sealed properly
• Sweep weekly and remove trash
• Remove any cob webs
• Use shelves to organize
• Make sure there are no entry points


• Keep basement clean and organized
• Reduce clutter as much as possible
• Seal any cracks in foundation
• Fix leaks and eliminate standing water


• Seal any entry points where you can see daylight
• Knock down cob webs weekly
• Reduce clutter as much as possible
• Keep attic properly insulated


• Keep grass cut short and weed flower beds
• Trim back bushes and trees
• Keep mulch to a minimum
• Make sure there is proper drainage

Eco Friendly Treatments Services also avaliable

In today's society there is a big emphasis on using natural, organic "green" proucts.Eco-friendly pest control methods are less environmentally damaging, and less toxic to non-targeted insects. With our eco-friendly pest control treatment, the first step is to identify the offending pest, and target a control method that only affects that pest. There are a good number of organic options available, and some are more specific to certain pests than others. In our eco-friendly pest control approach we use natural products that are compatible with all health standards and their active ingredients are extracts of essential oils.

Natural pest control products have grown in popularity over the past several years, bringing new organic products that are safe, as effective as professional grade chemically based products. Organic pest control products offer an excellent alternative to chemical pest control for the environmentally conscious, using natural ingredients to protect the health of people and the environment.

The idea of a green pest control program is not limited to using organic insecticides. Eco-friendly pest control is a holistic approach when considering starting an environmentally friendly pest control program in your property. Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a great way to start a green pest control program. The goal for using an environmental friendly pest management program is to reduce the use of chemical treatment. This can be accomplished by following IPM steps. There may be cases where a chemical treatment is needed. In that case, a product that poses the lowest risk to the environment but is still strong enough to kill the target pest should be used.

Please contact EUDAIMONIA Pest Control for more information about residential pest control plans and quality pest control services.



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