Effective and Reliable Pest Management

Managing pest activity in supermarkets and grocery stores is vital. Eudaimonia Pest Control offers management high extermination standards, the basis for all pest control in a food retail facility especially to those outlets with fresh food counters selling meat, dairy, and bakery products. Our programs are effective fully documented, automated and responsive to help manage the pest population so your store presents the best image to the customers you must retain for viability. We are pleased to service any grocery store and provide the expertise needed for effective pest management. We follow regulatory protocols rigorously and utilize the best in integrated pest management techniques to ensure that your facility is pest free. Our approach is technology and analysis driven. Our tolerance for pests within your facility is of the strictest nature and you can rest assured that any materials used will be following food safety regulations.

High Level Assurance Programs

Our pest control programs are designed to be proactive and provide complete pest elimination as soon as possible. Professional technicians are highly trained to follow Pest Prevention Program which is the perfect complement for organizations with high levels of consumer awareness and strict quality assurance programs, just like your retail stores. Our core program targets pests most likely to infest food retail stores. Eudaimonia pest solutions will come up with a designed program to meet your needs, taking into account factors such as structural integrity, environmental pest pressures, and potential for activity. Receiving and loading docks, producing areas, bakery, and other areas of likely activity are all included in our detailed service program.

The key to successful pest management within any food retail store is a combination of evaluation planning, execution and communication among with precise and calculated follow up. Our professionals expertly interpret the challenges unique to your situation and customize your treatment protocols, all the while maintaining our focus solely on achieving a pest free environment for your business.

We also provide specific service programs for logistics and distribution operations or offices which can be incorporated into the main service level agreement for your supermarkets if appropriate. To find out more about our pest management programs or to arrange a visit from a specialist who understands the retail grocery market, please contact us.

Special Services provided for food related facilities



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