Effective and Reliable Pest Management

Image is especially important at retail facilities. Pest problems must be treated quickly and efficiently in order to maintain an environment that encourages customers to “hang out” for awhile. Both interior and exterior treatment techniques are offered to manage pest populations. Our trained and experienced professionals want to help you maintain your professional image. If either you own a retail store or you manage shopping center, we know that you already have so many worries to think about. EUDAIMONIA pest management wants to help you reduce your list by one, so let our pest Control solutions take care of your pest management needs. Our services are tailored to your busy schedule. We will also provide you with all the reports needed by New York health codes.We will take care of your property and make sure you are satisfied. We’re not only interested in providing one-time services we want to exceed your expectations and build long lasting relationships with our customers. We are dedicated to providing you with cost efficient pest inspection and pest control services. We can be your proven choice. Give us a call today to learn more.


Malls and Shopping Centers

Pest control in shopping centers and malls, and large retail stores is challenging because of the size of the buildings, the wide variety of stores and kinds of items that are sold, the long hours of operation, and the need to perform pest management services in a discreet and inconspicuous manner that doesn't detract from the welcoming, consumer friendly environment. This challenge is for EUDAIMONIA. Our pest management professionals who service malls and shopping centers have broad knowledge of different types of pest control we also have a flexible attitude toward our work that allows us to quickly respond to unexpected situations. A mall or a shopping center is not the kind of account that can be reduced to a simple service schedule. It's a sprawling complex, and to be effective, the pest control professionals have to get to know every nook and cranny of it. That is why we assign only our finest, most reliable and knowledgeable technicians to malls and shopping centers to take care of pest problems that can occur at a large retail shopping complex. Because of their vastness and the variety of stores and products that are sold, malls and shopping centers are susceptible to literally any sort of pest problems.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you maintain a pest free environment at your mall or shopping center.


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