Experts in Bakeries and Pastries Facilities

We know how critical pest control is to this industry. Our programs are effective fully documented, automated and responsive to help manage the pest population so your store presents the best image to the customers you must retain for viability. It’s our chief objective to help you keep your environment free of pests.

Whether your facility is large or small, Eudaimonia Commercial Pest Control Team is trained and equipped to handle any pest problem. Choosing a pest control service for your facility is an important decision. We are experts in Food Processing and Food Distribution. We have worked with and have a great reputation with many of the NY auditors. Let us provide you with all your pest control documentation and service needs.

We use treatments that ensure food safety. We know how to identify structural and sanitation threats in your store and remove the pest risk. Even better, our proactive prevention and monitoring strategies help keep new pest problems from ever getting started. This is a very effective preventative measure we undertake. We deliver comprehensive control of pests in food storage, preparation and service environments.

Special Services provided for food related facilities

Guaranteed Quality Services


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