Creative Service Programs

Eudaimonia Pest Control specializes in Multi-unit properties which are highly susceptible to pest problems and require creative service programs. Our organized action plan, develop strategies and implement practices to reduce pest pressures at your properties. We are detailing all the services we provide.

Multi-unit apartment buildings present unique challenges regarding the management and removal of any pest infestations. If any pests enter an apartment building are often able to move from unit to unit and cause serious infestation problems.

EUDAIMONIA pest control is a responsible professional agency which has the authorization and equipment to implement certain pest removal strategies in Multi-unit apartment buildings.

Exceeding your expectations

We will take care of your property and make sure you are satisfied. We want to exceed your expectations and build long-lasting relationships with you and your tenants. We are dedicated to providing you with cost-efficient pest inspection and pest control services. We can be your proven choice. Additionally, professional pest control specialists know the safest strategies to minimize the impact on tenants, pets, and the overall environment. Pest control professionals can also assist with the implementation of an integrated pest management plan (IPM) which is widely regarded as the most comprehensive way to handle a situation and help prevent future ones from occurring.

Through our inspection, monitoring, education, and preventive and prescription treatment programs, we can release you of the most stubborn pest infestations. Our approach consists of identifying the source, implementing control measures to obtain short and long term results with minimal disruption to tenants, notifying and educating you and your tenants and continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our program.

Benefit and Trust

If you're a landlord, property manager, homeowners association, or a client who own or manage Multi-unit properties, within our service area, we can help make pest management at your properties more convenient and less expensive. You'll receive the benefit of quantity pricing based on the total number of units and deep discounts on services. All of our clients enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive service contract because it offers more in terms of flexibility, response times, measurable results, and fixed budgeting. This is an integral part of our business and the relationships we have built are grounded in trust and accountability.
Controlling pests in multi-family housing requires cooperation between residents, housing managers, housing staff, and pest management professionals.

Pest Control in Multi-unit apartment buildings:

Special services provided for Multi-unit apartment buildings

Compactors - chutes treatments

Eudaimonia has developed a comprehensive trash chute pest maintenance program designed to meet the toughest challenges.

Compactors- Chutes Treatment service consists of:

• Pest infestations clean outs
• Insecticide applications
• Residual insecticide applications in Compactor units- rooms
• Growth regulator applications
• Odor-eliminating microbes applications

Pest Control Reporting

With more exact data, your pest control strategies can be more effective. So we report and document every detail of our work to our customers. Our skilled technicians use electronic data capture to precisely document your entire customized integrated pest management services, including the date and time of service, pest activity, the pest control materials deployed, conditions conducive to a pest infestation and whatever necessary corrective actions were taken.

We will document our findings in the solution that works best for you, hard copy or electronic. You will have easy online access to customized reporting and trend mapping. With more knowledge we all win.

Eudaimonia offers a proven pathway to generate significant positive benefits:

For your property:

• Decrease operational costs
• Improve occupant productivity
• Optimize life cycle economic performance
• Improving public perception of your band


For the community:

• Improve overall quality of life
• Enhance the appearance of your building
• Increase occupants wellbeing and comfort
• Reduce the strain on local infrastructure

Tips for Residents:

• Prepare your unit for visits from the pest control professionals
• Follow your lease regarding housekeeping, sanitation and trash removal & storage.
• Report the presence of pests, leaks and mold or any pest problems in common areas
• Help neighbors with these tasks.

We provide wholesale rates for property management companies and landlords.

We develop and maintain pest control programs for Multi-unit buildings in New York State. To learn more about our services please contact Eudaimonia pest control, we are looking forward to serving you.


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