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Each day great amounts of ships are moving from port to port around the world. Some of those have the potential to harbor pests. Whether it is cargo ships, cruise liners, yachts or boats they are one of the primary ways new pests cross borders. The shipping industry provides an excellent environment for pests to live and multiply. Pest infestations are common in ships and it is essential to take in charge of the situation to eliminate the pests because of the danger of transmitting serious diseases to crew and passengers. Their treatment and eradication is essential for improving and maintaining good public health standards on board ships.

There are many ways pests can “book a trip” from one port to the other:

•Through supplies that are loaded to the ship
•Through passengers and crew members
•Through open spaces, doors, ramps even ropes securing the ship to the port

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The shipping industry is the most demanding sector, as it has very specific requirements regarding pest management due to:

•Time limitations since ships are in port for very short periods of time
•Continuous boarding of passengers, crew members and foodstuff
•Many harborage places for pests to hide like walls and ceilings as well as behind equipment, between bulkheads and deck heads


Early identification and continual monitoring of pests are very important to keep ships pest free. Eudaimonia’s techniques are fast responsive and effective because it is critical for a ship to be serviced on time. Treatments most commonly need to be applied at the same time as the ship is loaded either with food supplies or passengers so our pest control plan will also take these conditions under estimation. At this sort period of time we will treat the most inaccessible spaces in the ship and the outer deck as well. We provide services in cargo ships, passenger ships boats and yachts. Our shipping pest control services cover all New York State Marine and Coastal District Waters.

Eudaimonia is providing ship owners an Integrated Pest Management program to eliminate pest problems that has the least impact on people, livestock, foodstuffs or other sensitive cargo. To learn more about our services please contact Eudaimonia pest control, we are looking forward to serving you.



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